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Tempo stuck on 126 for all projects in ios8.1

Today I tried to use SP to play an accompaniment for me, but the tempo was showing at 126 in the metronome menu, so I tried to slow the piece down. I could change the number from 126 to anything that I wanted, but the playback speed did not change at all.

When I went back into the metronome window, 126 was showing again.
When I opened some of the default projects (eg BlueSkyBoogie), it showed 126 too.
I could not change the playback speed for that project either.

I'm running the latest SP on an Ipad Mini, iOS 8.1 (12B410).

Is this a known bug (maybe it came in with ios8?), or can I do something here to fix it?



  • Hi Kevin: This is definitely a puzzling issue. What might be happening is that a tempo marker placed in the score is effectively overriding the bpm you've specified in the metronome field. This is something to keep in mind while we look at this more in-depth.
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