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Mid-measure clef switch with multiple voices?

edited August 2014 in Support
Currently SP provides a "fine edit" mechanism to allow users to switch clefs in the middle of a measure. This is a fairly advanced capability, and it works well. Select the note, choose edit, and choose the desired clef. The new clef symbol is inserted into the score in front of the selected note, and can apply to all further measures (if you check that option in the fine edit dialog). This implementation works well for one voice on the clef.

But the functionality is not quite optimal if there are multiple voices on the clef, because (it seems to me) a note from each voice must be selected and edited to switch the clef for that voice. As a consequence, with 2 voices, I ended up with two treble clefs displayed in front of my clef change point.

Perhaps I am not using the software correctly, but I tried everything I could think of, without success. The only way to get the note pitches to sound right was to switch the clef on each voice, and end up with multiple treble clef symbols in the score. And perhaps showing multiple clef symbols is the proper thing to do, and I just don't know enough music scoring to realize it!

Am I wrong to expect only one treble clef sign in the score, even if I have to change multiple voices? Can't they share the same sign?

And more generally, what's the proper musical protocol for situations like this? Is it possible for a treble clef with multiple voices to change to a bass clef on a measure bar (thereby changing all voices), and then only flip one of the voices back to treble clef mid-measure? How would a someone reading the score figure out which notes belonged to treble and bass clefs, respectively? (Maybe by the direction of the note stems before and after the switch?)

These are not high priority questions to me, just curiosities.

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