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two different melodies in the same score line ( one colored

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Thank you for the great app. I am an organist and I am using Symphony Pro to write down my own choral accompaniments. The app works great on the iPad! A really nice work!

I have a question about two different voices in the same score line. When I look a the example scores of "Moonlight Sonata" or "Blue Skies Boogie" , then I see, that there are two different voices / melodies in the same score line. The first voice is clear (respectively black) and the other voice is colored light purple.

How can I write such melodies with several voices in the same score line? How can I an I do that one voice is colored light purple? That would be pretty important if I have to write down a four-part choral writing. How does it work?

Thanks in advance for your help and kind regards


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    When you have created a score, you can enter multiple voices on the same staff system by going to Score (looks like the gear icon), and choosing "Voices" under the category of "Other."

    In the "Voices" menu, choose to add a voice. You can add up to four voices on one staff, and you can choose which voice has stems go up or down (the toggle switch is on/off, but should be up/down). When you enter notes, you'll have to select the active voice at the moment.

    When in the note entering mode, you can toggle quickly through different voices by tapping the V1 (V2, V3, V4 -- current voice is displayed) button.

    I still wish that all four voices were active by default--or just permanently left on (like Finale. Switching voices in note entry mode with Symphony Pro is faster than Finale).

    By the way, the other cool feature in note entry mode is the T-ALL button, as you can quickly switch through seeing all tracks or just a specific track. It's kind of like having Finale's "export to parts" feature at all times.
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    Oh...one other thought...Symphony Pro isn't the best for choral parts--yet. The issue is lyrics--which are coming--but not yet available. The text feature just can't substitute for a separate lyrics function (and Xenon Labs is aware of this). For now, you can write parts in Symphony Pro and then export what you've created to another music editor to enter lyrics.

    I have no major concern about this because I'm amazed at what Symphony Pro can already do--and I know that lyrics are coming sometime (sooner than later). Considering that Finale has had 25 years to become what it is...I'm more than willing to give Xenon Labs time to keep refining their product. As it is, it is the only iPad app that can do what it can do, and am I ever glad it is available.
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