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How can I configure symphony pro correctly for b-flat instruments?

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I would like to have the sheet music appear correctly for b-flat instruments.  When I set the transposition tones for b-flat major (-2), the key signatures should correspond to those for a b-flat instrument.  They don't, however.  Am I doing something wrong?


  • Interesting question...
    I just tried this. When I changed the instrument to Clarinet on one stave, a pop-up window appears that Asks You if you want to "transpose the score to the instrument's disposition", something like that...
    When You click "Yes", the C sounds like Bb.
    So it seems to work.

    I'm not sure if or how that works for Eb instruments...
    Amateur musician on harmonicas, in a duet with a friend of mine.
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    That's somewhat correct.  One also has to change the key to b-flat major which will result in a blank key signature and set "use concert pitch" to off in order for the c to sound b-flat while having a normal looking key signature.  This sort of makes sense.  For a b-flat instrument a blank key signature is b-flat major relative to concert pitch.  I've always interpreted key signatures on b-flat sheet music as being just what they signify, but relative to the b-flat instrument... i.e. a blank key signature signifies c major relative to the b-flat instrument.
  • Easiest way is to select the instrument you're playing. In the tracks tab (looks like bullet points and lines), tap the word "keyboards" presuming yours defaults to grand piano, tap the type of instrument you play - I play sax so I select Woodwind. Choose the correct instrument and then, when it asks if you want to transpose -2 or whatever, tap yes.
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