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How do you out in an anacrusis bar please?


  • To create a pickup measure:

    (1) Open the Measure Dialog for the first bar by tapping with two fingers. Please refer to our attached visual aid for the following steps. (You must be logged in to view)

    (2) Under Time/Key, check Pickup/Anacrusis as highlighted by the red box.

    (3) Enter the number of beats you want to see in the pickup measure as shown in the Custom Time fields (green box). In the example, the custom time is 1/4, which will create a 1 beat anacrusis.

  • What if I want to have a pick up measure with for example two quarter notes and one eight note?
  • Since that's 5 eighth notes, enter 5/8 with anacrusis checked.

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  • I tried that but then the pulse is different in playback. In Sibelius it's possible to choose the amount of notes separately. For example 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/8. Then it goes in same time and is accurate.
  • @Tuuli

    We fixed the issue that occurred in this scenario. Thanks for pointing this out.

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