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I need 6/4 time signature. How do I create that?


  • You will first need to open the Measure Dialog on the bar where you want the time signature change to begin. A shortcut we recommend for opening this dialog is to tap on the appropriate bar with two fingers.

    Once it's visible, by default, the submenu labeled "Bars" will be selected. Switch to "Time/Key" and enter the 6/4 time signature under "Custom Time" fields.

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  • Hi, tried this but no luck. I want to change key somewhere in the middle of the tune. Thanks
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    The full instructions are described as follows, but let us know which step isn't working as expected if issues persist:

    1. First open the Measure Dialog at the start location of the time signature change (the Measure Dialog is a context menu for editing measure attributes, or specifying a change in part attribute like key or time)

    - It is now usually opened via gesture: a quick tap with two fingers on a bar where you would like to modify the score attribute (in this case time time signature)

    - Alternatively, you can open the copy/paste menu (Region Select), select the range of bars you want to edit, then choose Edit Measures to open this menu

    - You can alternatively use the keyboard shortcut control-m at the input cursor location to open this menu

    2. From the Measure Dialog popover, choose Time/Key from the menubar at the bottom

    - Common time signatures will then appear from the picker view; 

    - Alternatively, you can enter a custom time signature by typing with the on-screen or an external QWERTY keyboard: below the Custom Time heading are two text fields for the numerator and denominator 

    3. To apply any edit within this submenu (including time and key signature), simply dismiss the Measure Dialog by tapping anywhere outside of it. 

    - This will show a confirmation dialog for how you want the time signature change to affect existing notes, and an option to cancel the change.

  • Thanks for your response ....but no luck .Tried all what you have suggested. 
  • The measure dialog starts playing the song...
  • Hi folks, this shows up when googling how to do time signatures in Symphony Pro 6. How to do it on the middle of the piece? I couldn't find any tutorials or manuals for Pro 6, something that is a minimum requirement for ANY paid software...
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