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SSA Score?

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I need to make an SSA score. There is a template for SATB, but when I tried to alter it for my purpose, I discovered that there are no voice options in any instruments lists. Does anyone know a work-around? I run and arrange for an SSA choir and it is the reason I bought this app. I have Finale on my Mac, but wanted another option on my iPad after trying Notion.


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    Hi Joni,

    Below, we included our earlier email response to you so that it can be a future reference for others who may have related questions for part editing. We also included some minor additional details to the original response:

    To create an SSA arrangement, the quickest way is to modify the built-in SATB template:

    • First create a new project using the 4-part SATB template from the Templates menu
    • Open the Tracks menu in the Navigation Bar towards the right. An icon is shown here.
    • For the first editing procedure, you will need to modify part names of two existing staves using this menu:
    • Tap 'Edit'
    • Select the 2nd staff's part label (currently "ALTO"). A text keyboard will show
    • Relabel this staff as Soprano
    • Select the 3rd staff's label and relabel it as Alto
    • Since your desired arrangement only contains 3 parts, you will next need to remove the 4th staff. To do this, tap the red circle on the left side of the 4th part entry to show the Delete button.

    • Alternatively, if you don't have Edit selected, you can swipe left on the 4th staff entry to perform the same task.

    • If you'd like to save this modified template for future use, use the export button at the bottom of the Tracks menu. Note however that the name of the saved template will automatically be assigned to the name of your project. To rename the template, you currently have to return to the Templates menu.

    SP Support

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