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There seems to be an issue with the chord imput system.
I have put the chords in for a tune 2 times now, the 1st time symphony pro deleted all the chords when I added a new staff, the 2nd time it saved the chords but when I opened the file up again, all the chords had Ben placed on the first page and removed from their supposedly saved location. This is very frustrating as I have written this tune for my senior recital, and I need to get the chart to the rest of my band. Also, we really need a better way to add chords, maybe a selection box with different chords as choices? The ability to create a slash rhythm line would also be very helpful. PLEASE add the ability for the music player to play in swing time!!!


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    If you open a separate TEXT box for each line of music and use the space bar to position your chords, then open a new box on the next line, etc this should do what you want. When you press the Keyboard Ikon on the top line all the boxes will disappear, but the chords remain. You can also enter a slash rhythm line in the same way - it's a bit crude, but it works. I hope this helps
    Mike O'R
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    I tried doing what you said with the new lines an spaces, but when I went from landscape to portrait the chords got messed up because the number of bars on the page width changed. When I re-opened it all the chords were on the first page again?

    Is this something to do with the "Just" & "Equal" option in settings?


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