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Synchronize volume level among tracks?

edited August 2014 in Support
I have 3 tracks (violin and grand staff piano), and wanted to reduce the volume level on the piano parts through the tracks menu. I can reduce the volume of the treble and bass clef piano tracks individually with the slider in each track.

The problem is that there is no numeric display of the volume on each track, so there is no way that I can be sure to get the volume levels to match on both tracks of the piano staff. 

Am I missing something, or is there a way to see (and control, and synchronize) the volume levels on the two piano clefs?


After reading these forums more, I saw a post that putting the mixer under the metronome was not intuitive (they wanted it under the tracks menu, I think). I tend to agree; no wonder I couldn't find it. 

The mixer does indeed display a numeric volume level for each track, so that solves my issue and this question. 

(But I still think a numeric volume value should be displayed beside the volume slider under the track menu. I don't think it's reasonable to give users a volume slider capability without giving them a numeric volume level to help them set the volume to the desired level. Maybe this could be a tiny feature request for a future release.)


  • The issues you've encountered and shared with us will be a tremendous help. Playback controls are certainly in need of improvement, and we'll do the best we can for our next update.

    Thank you,
    SP Team
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