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How can I write a 14-note chord?

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For harps, especially. I need to write a huge arpeggiated chord, and I cannot figure out how to make the notes stacked up. I've resorted to a chord in the bass, then a chord in the treble, etc. Not really satisfactory.

Because we use only four fingers, a 14-note chord requires multiple hand changes. And our music typically uses up-stems and down-stems to indicate which hand to use. Symphony pro attaches all the notes on one stem.

Suggestions will be very appreciated!



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    Hi Sallie,

    - By switching to Select Mode (Click here to see how) you can enter as many notes as you want from the keyboard into the cursor selection on the staff.

    - To enter chords with up and down stems onto the same staff, you will need to incorporate two voices in your score.

    (1) First, enter in the chord that will have the upward stem as you normally would. 
    (2) Then tap "V1" in the Navigation Bar to switch into the second voice, which is by default the lower voice. The V1 button will show as V2.
    (3) Place the cursor at the chord you entered from (1).
    (4) Enter the chord that will have the downward stem

    We hope these tips helped you. For more information about the voices feature, click here.  Let us know if you need any clarification on our directions or manual.

    SP Team
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