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I'm using virtual guitar app that sends midi notes through virtual midi port output, but symphony pro doesn't recognize the midi input port.... How can i do? 


  • Hi Simon,

    Your feature request for Virtual MIDI and MIDI guitar input isn't the first. Looking back, we've encountered enough earlier requests to add these capabilities to our immediate feature development plans.

    Thanks for your support and input. We'll keep you updated on our progress.

    SP Team

  • Hi.

    I've just created an account here to say that this feature is vital but also MIDI output. With this, Sypmhonic Pro would become best score editor. Notion doesn't allow this as far as I know. I think Symphonix Evolution does but that app app has slightly different angle being more MIDI focused. I haven't bought Symphonic Pro but I would if it had virtual MIDI both in and out.
  • I actually bought this app after all. It's really great. Very easy to use.

    With respect to the MIDI. The internal sounds in Symphony are OK but if this app had MIDI out, it would totally transform it because obviously you could use any sounds you wanted. I suspect Presonus won't add a lot of integration with Notion because they have a desktop app to sell. The iPad is capable of doing so much that in many circumstances you could replace desktop apps for composing. Almost all companies I know of who make iPad apps as well as desktop apps cripple their iPad apps to try to get you to buy the desktop versions. If Presonus do this, then it's massively in the favour of Symphony Pro.
  • @efflux @simonen67

    Great news – we're working on VirtualMIDI and MIDI-out in conjunction.

    It's our normal preference to keep new developments under the radar in case we run into issues or delays during development, but we can at least say we're excited to be working on this and to deliver reasonable capabilities here.
  • Great, let me know as soon as it becomes available !!!
  • For the next version this summer ?
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