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Short bars

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Fairly often, a piece starts with a short bar, with bar numbering starting on the first full bar. Is there a way to replicate this in Symphony Pro?


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    Not yet. We'll work on this feature since there have been many requests. Thanks for the great feedback so far. 

  • Have there been any further developments in this area?
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    Yes, 4.0 did bring improvements here, in that if you specify a pickup measure for the very first bar, the actual numberings will start from the following measure, as illustrated:

    To specify a pickup measure / anacrusis in order to offset the numberings by a single bar:

    - First tap with two fingers on the first measure to open the dialog box, shown below
    - Select the Time/Key menubar at the bottom of the dialog
    - Check the highlighted option and close the dialog box to apply the change
    - Also: By opening the Score Menu > Display Settings, you can access more options for customizing numbering preferences

  • Perfect. Thank you. Had tried that but didn't get a result. Now fine.
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