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Tempo change?

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How can I change the tempo in a project, e.g at measure 10, for the rest of the project?


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    You can do this by switching to the Expressions menu from the top of the toolbar (rit. icon) and selecting the metronome marker (quarter note equals sign). You can then add the tempo change by tapping on an existing note or chord.

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    I'm arranging a piece and set the time signature for 12/8 and when I originally arranged this particular section, the tempo was what I wanted. I went back in to add more to the piece and when the playback arrived at the 12/8 section the tempo was twice as slow and will not allow me to get back to the original tempo I had placed. There is also no way to make a dotted quarter equals x, it automatically makes it an eighth note equals x. Please help! Other than this little annoyance, your product is fantastic!
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    Hi Marco, 

    We fixed this particular playback issue in our beta! Let us know if you'd like to use our beta by sending us a simple request to team@symphonypro.net. 

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    +1 to Marco's request. I'll settle for making eighth note bpm 3 times the bpm I want. But the number tops out at 224, not enough. When do you think a stable release will be ready with the fix.
    BTW I think you should put this under the main metronome menu and generally make your menu organization more logical
    One more request while I'm here (more to come). Please let me change the time signature of selected bars w/o changing the remainder of the project. If I change the unwanted bars back again, the note values sometimes get messed up.
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