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adding a piano part-moving bar lines.

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How do I add a voice part and have a piano part below it 
I am transcribing a song.  I have a hard time adjusting the rhythm to match the beat without erasing the other notes. I know I can move the notes (copy and paste, then delete, then there is a "hole" in the measure.), but it doesn't allow me to drag and drop the 2 1/8th notes to the measure before.
Is it possible to move the bar lines?

I am also a very beginner musician.


  • We could use some more detail regarding your specific scenario. Could you send us a screenshot illustrating what you're trying to do?

  • How do I send a screen shot?
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    Please send an attachment to [email protected], thanks.
  • Maybe you know already, but to capture a screenshot on the ipad, hold down the top right power-on-off button, and click the round home button at the bottom center of the screen. That captures the screenshot and saves it as a photo, which you can then select and email somewhere.
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    I'd say Delete the lower piano stave, change the top stave to Voice, and Then add Piano.
    Could be wrong, I'm quite fresh here myself, but have experience with other notation software.
    Amateur musician, harmonica enthusiast and volunteer with HarmonicaUK.
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