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Midi output problems

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Hi all,

I just bought Symphony Pro and am really enjoying it.  I've been trying to export my first couple of compositions in midi format but am having a few issues.  There doesn't seem to be any mention of these elsewhere on the forum so I'll just raise them here and see if anybody has encountered the same thing:-

  • For multi-instrument compositions, when I import the midi files to separate tracks in my DAW (Reaper), only the first track works.  All the correct notes are present in each track.  However, when I load a plugin and try to playback, the only track which generates audio is the first track.  
  • When I export a midi file from a composition that has a repeated section, import of that midi file into my DAW just doesn't work.  The midi file is "offline".
  • When I export a midi file with a Guiro instrument track, the midi file does not work. The midi file is "offline".

None of these problems occur if I export the composition as AAC or PDF or send it to Photos etc.  

Anybody else had these kind of problems?  Are there actual bugs or am I doing something wrong?



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    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for pointing out the issues. 

    We've improved MIDI export to the extent that they should no longer be a concern for you. We can't say when the next update will be available, but you are welcome to try the beta, which includes the improvements.

    Just send us an email to team@symphonypro.net (or reply directly) if you're interested. If possible, do send us the SYM file you were working with for testing purposes as well.

    SP Support
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