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Spam blocker for the forum?

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I've got Google Reader set up to allow me to see new posts to the Symphony Pro forums [replies don't import, however]. I'm a bit surprised at the number of spam messages (particularly Russian ones) that appear on the forum. Is there a Spam filter/captchya option that can be enabled to block more spam AND save you the time of manually deleting these posts?



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    Sorry about that. I didn't realize that there could be users viewing this through Google Reader. I've been deleting the messages manually, but will look into getting a spam blocker to automate the process. I'll get something setup soon.
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    No apologies necessary. Just wanted to bring it up. I just registered for an account on another forum, and was shocked to see two questions (Are you a bot? If not, select "human") plus a captchya geared towards blocking those bots.

    I sometimes wonder what they're selling in Russian, anyway.
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    You can also assign a few people to be admins. That's what a lot of forums do, but just make sure they are trusted people.

    I bet if you gave a few people admin rights, the spam on this site would go waaaaaaaaay down.

    I'd be one, but I only check the site every few days, so I don't know how effective I'd be.
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