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Changing the Key Signature

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I create a new project in the default key signature of C. Before I start I change it to Emajor and then select Transpose No I then add note G onto stave. For some reason the G is showing the natural accidental and no matter what I do to the Key Signature, i.e. transpose up/down I can't remove the accidental. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for help.


  • Hi Victoria,

    If the g natural is appearing In a C major staff, you should select the note and deselect the natural icon in the sidebar. Let us know if you have already tried this.

    If the natural is occurring in the E major staff, the sign would be necessary to write the proper pitch.

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  • Hello

    I have success in c major and can remove any accidental I wish, this is not a problem . In the e major key C D F G all present themselves with a natural accidental by default, whereas I would have thought this unnecessary. CDFG are all sharps in this key and therefore the natural is confusing me as I don't want to alter these notes from a sharp to a natural. If I select the note with the accidental and remove it works. But I am not expecting that this should be necessary as I actually do want to play a C D F G sharp all the time during this piece and not deviate from the key.

    Does this make sense?
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