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Video tutorials for the latest version of Symphony Pro?

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There is a surprising lack of video tutorials on Symphony Pro on YouTube for the latest version.  How 'bout a comprehensive video tutorial going over all the features of SP.  Where can I find such a video?    Thanks 


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    Hi there,

    I totally agree that updated videos are essential, and we're working to get them out by the time our next major release is finished.

    SP Team
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    When is the next release? I need videos now!
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    There are a few tutorials available to view on Youtube, but the lay-out of the program on the iPad used in those videos look Nothing like the version I have on my iPad, it's probably made with some earlier versions. So yes, bring on those tutorials Please.
    Amateur musician, harmonica enthusiast and volunteer with HarmonicaUK.
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    I'm waiting for video. But, i'm afraid to wait a long time!
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