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Good software for playback?

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I just installed Symphony Pro on my iPad. So far I'm enjoying playing with it. But the instrument tones during playback within Symphony Pro are of poor quality.

Does anyone have suggestions for a PC software program that I could use to export the Symphony Pro compositions for playback with improved tones?

This is purely for fun and entertainment, so I'm not looking for a "pro" package. Just something that has decent sounds for keysboards, strings, brass, woodwinds, etc.




  • I don't think you'll get many "decent" sounds on a personal computer until you either route sounds via MIDI to a good general MIDI generator, or to a "desktop" notation editor, such as Finale, which include the basic Garritan sounds (Finale's General MIDI and SmartSynth sounds are passable, but there's a reason they worked out a deal with Garritan). Sibelius also has such agreements.

    The solution is to export via MusicXML to a desktop software package, and then to utilize the sounds offered in those packages.
  • I haven't worked with MIDI before, or MusicXML.

    What types of desktop software packages support importing MusicXML files?

    I appreciate the feedback and suggestions.
  • To see what applications utilize MusicXML, check out the list on Recordare's website (which includes Symphony Pro):

  • Hi Dan,

    The sounds right now have a reduced bit rate (16 kHz, which is very low compared to modern standards). However, I'm working on increasing the bitrate to improve sound. Better samples are also in order. In 1-2 updates, sound quality should no longer be an issue.

  • If you were looking to get garritan sounds I know him and can mention this to him. Garritan sounds aren't VSL quality, but they are lightweight and the best bang for your buck.
  • String samples are probably the weakest aspect of sound quality. I'm working on finding a set of sounds that actually have decent violin/viola/cello/ensemble sounds like Garritan, along with the rest of the GM set.

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