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Hi, i am desperately Looking for the Mail Button

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Hi, i have purchased the 3.4 Release.
Reading the manual it is said, that one should click on the Mail symbol .... Well, actually i am getting old, my eyes Are Not as good as they Usedom to be .... But I neither can find a mail symbol, nor a symbol to print the sheet, nor a symbol for exporting , etc ....

Could please show me the way?
I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,
Best regards,


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    Hi Ferenc,

    You asked a very common question. To export a project, you must:
    1. Return to the Bookshelf menu
    2. Tap Select on the upper-right, and then
    3. Tap on a project you wish to export
    4. On the top-left, you will see the Export symbol. Tap this button to show all of the exporting options that Symphony Pro provides. 
    Please let us know if you need any clarification on the above steps. 

    SP Support

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    ok, thank you, now it works -even for me :-)

    best regards,

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    We're glad we resolved the difficulties. Please feel welcome to ask questions or provide feedback in our forums!
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