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Accidentals an octave apart

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Congratulations on the many new features and fixes in Symphony Pro 3.4, the best update yet! However, there's still a serious bug in the display of accidentals an octave apart. If for example you're in in C Major and enter a C-sharp and then in the same measure enter a C-sharp an octave higher on the same staff, the sharp sign won't display. This is wrong according to the Wiki page on accidentals:
    "Accidentals apply to subsequent notes on the same staff position for the remainder of the measure in which they occur ... Notes on other staff positions, including those an octave away, are unaffected."
It makes it impossible to correctly display accidentals an octave apart (which occur a lot in the blues piano transcriptions I've been doing) as there doesn't seem to be any way to manually force these accidentals to display. My current workaround is to change the second C-sharp to a D-flat! A fix would be greatly appreciated.


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    Thanks for pointing this out, it should be addressed soon. 

    As a workaround for the current version:

    As we realized the nature of this confusion, we included the "Repeat" option under Accidentals inside the Fine Edit tool. Please use this option instead of toggling the enharmonic.

    SP Support

  • Great, thanks for the prompt response and workaround!
  • No problem. Please feel welcome to continue contributing, you've provided some excellent feedback!
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