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Tempo bug?

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In playback the song will randomly just change tempo out of nowhere. Not like during playing, but if you start from anywhere other than the first measure it'll sometimes play it at a random tempo different from the original, like bpm equals 55 or 385 when the actual tempo is 120


  • Ipad 2, ios 6.(something?), and latest symphony pro
  • This is a good catch. When beginning playback, look back at any previous tempo markings (accel., metronome markings) before the measure, as they are now used to set the tempo instead of just the tempo in the Play menu.

    Please let us know if anything is off by the above standards. Based on what you've mentioned already, it seems that some accel. and rit. markings are causing unpredictable tempos, so we will look into that and get it addressed.

    SP Support
  • Sometimes even if I start on a measure where I have the bpm set (the first beat of the measure has the 'quarter=#') it still playes back at the wrong tempo
  • We're taking a look at this. This was not a known or expected issue. Would you mind sending us a project file to our email?

    SP Support
  • Sure, no problem. In what format would be most convenient? Thanks for the help!
  • Please send us a Symphony (SYM) file.

    Thank you,
    SP Support
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