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Crashes!!!!! And I can't access my previous work without the app Crashing! Help!!!!

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I love this app and waited a long time for something like this app to finally appear BUT now it crashes all the time!!! Also the key changes do not show up in score view! PLEASE fix it!


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    Did your score have text boxes in it? We have fixed some important stability issues there for the next update (3.4). Please let us know the nature of your problem a bit more and export your project files to us at [email protected], if possible.

    We have also addressed the key signature display issue for 3.4.

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    The poster has notified us that his issues were (temporarily) resolved after he contacted us via email with files, as we were able to recover them.

    The problem was that any text box in the project can cause instability in some instances, but the root cause of these issues has been fixed for the next update.

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