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Not importing drum set from midi

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Just installed SP3 on my iPad2 (jan 2014).  It does not import properly from any of my midi files I copy on itunes. Midis work perfectly on PC. I tried with the popular "swing cafe.mid" midi (found easily on the internet) and it is a perfect example:

a) Tempo is not correct and overall rythm is altered. 
b) All instruments are imported as piano. This is easily fixed by changing the instrument, though.
c) Drum set is not imported correctly, just a bunch of rests. This happens on pretty much anything I have imported so far. 

I used finale notepad to convert the file to musicXML and repeated the procedure. This time, tempo is almost fine (piano expression are strange still) , but instruments remain piano after importing. Upon changing the drum track to drum instead of piano then it plays so-so.  Drums sound strange, as if the instruments are swapped or so.

How can I do to import correctly from midi?


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    Hi there,

    Thanks for giving us the example file. 

    We're working on addressing several major issues with MIDI, especially rhythm. SP does not consistently use standard MIDI instrumentation, so that explains (b), but we'll try to address that as well in the next update. 

    For the current version:

    You should be aware that using Tracks menu, you can work around the instrumentation issues with MIDI and MusicXML by reassigning the instruments. 

    Additionally, you can fix the rhythm, if the errors are sporadic, by selecting the affected notes and changing their note values by the left palette.

    SP Support
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