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Exporting audio results in 'Internal Error'

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Error occurs on iPad Air running iOS 7.0.4 and Symphony Pro 3.2.6.

- Repeatable with all score files I tried, including those that come with the app.
- Repeatable after 'Resetting Cache' in settings, forcing app closed, and starting.
- Repeatable after uninstalling and reinstalling app.

Select "Share", then "AAC" and "Email" (or "iTunes", or "Send To").

Receive dialog:

"Exporting Audio - Please wait. This may take a few minutes..."

Then in about one minute receive dialog:

"Internal error. Please contact the developers for further assistance. Ok"

Selecting "Ok" returns to the previous dialog and at that point the application does not respond to any inputs and must be forced closed.


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    Thanks for providing the steps to reproduce this issue, which has been commonly reported over the past month. If possible, could you provide a sample file as an attachment to this thread or to our support email ([email protected])?

    We are working to get this fixed as soon as possible.

    SP Support 
  • This error does NOT occur for me. Everything works as expected when exporting AAC.

    My specs: iPad 2, ios 6.1.3, Symphony pro 3.2.6

    Just hoping that when you fix the bug, exporting will still work on ios 6.1.3.


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