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How to enter?

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Forgive my ignorance of Symphony, please! But I should say that I am an experienced composer and teacher, and I regularly use notation software (Finale, actually, rather than Sibelius) on my computer to create my pretty complex scores.

I have just installed Symphony (not SymphonyPro) on my iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2.1, and am totally mystified: Firstly, I  have so far failed to be able to enter any notes or rests. Secondly, I do not know how to add a second stave, or how to change clef. I should be most grateful for help.

Is there any guidance available anywhere? An online or downloadable users' manual or guide?


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    I am beginning to get somewhere. I can now enter notes, etc., and I realize that what looks like the continuation of the first stave is actually a second stave. But I still cannot change clefs, nor add slurs, ties, a third stave, etc. I must be missing a further menu somewhere.

    As far as a manual is concened, http://www.xeapps.com/symphony-manual.pdf no longer exists, it seems. Does anyone know of another source?

    Thank you in anticipation…
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    One more addition: I now realize that the blue tabs above each stave should allow me to access the items that I am asking about. But tapping on them does not usually do anything. Mysteriously, just once or twice, when I was experimenting, I did succeed in accessing these other items. But I have not found a way of doing it consistently.

    Please help. Thank you...
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    Hi Michael,

    We've been keeping track of your issues, despite the delay. However, Symphony for iPhone as it stands is no longer being supported. Please keep track of our forums for possible announcements regarding a universal app for Symphony Pro.

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    Hi Michael and Phil,

    I have also had the same problems.

    what do you mean by "not supported"? I have just spent 5$ on a dysfunctional app.

    Can I get a refund?

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