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problem with key adjustment for a guitar not in standard tuning.

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Hey guys.
I have a problem with setting up the right key adjustments. I guess it's not a technical bug and more something I maybe understand wrong but would be great if you can help me with it.

I have a song in C# min. But the guitar I play with is not in standard tuning EADGBE. I play it in C# Standard tuning (C#F#BEG#C#) for different reasons and would like to keep it that way.

What key adjustments do I have to make to show the right notes?

I want the notes in the treble staff above the guitar TAB the right ones but also the key for other tracks right.

So since the song is in C#min. I set the general key for that. But then I can't figure out the key setting for the guitar. whatever I try the notes in the treble staff above the TAB don't show correct. If I let the guitar in Cmaj the notes show correct for the guitar standard tuning but not for the C# tuning.

If I set it to the same key as the general key C#min I only have the choice to set it in Emaj the parallel key for C#min. But then the Accidentals (4#) at the beginning of the staff disappear and some notes have additional Accidentals like b which confuses me completely.
But all other keys seem more unlogical to me.
I try for 2 days now to find out what I understand wrong. Is it the key relations I don't understand right or the settings?

Hope you can help me.
Thanks a lot and best regards!


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    Ok, maybe if someone could explain me why it is, when I have the general key in C major and I change the key
    of the guitar track for example to E major, why are there 4 b in the staff which is A major?

    If I understand this then maybe I can figure out my problem for myself.

    Thanks a lot.

    Update: ok, not sure if it's the problem. When using the TAB+staff I only can transpose the treble staff but not
    The TAB. That's why the sound of the guitar in playback never changes.
    Is it possible to change the guitar tuning?

    Apart of this it would be really nice of some helpful comments if I have some basic misunderstandings about the transposing.
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    Hi jaochoo,

    I can confirm that your earlier issue was due to transpositions being set, which is expected to show a different key. The transposition value you set in the Tracks menu, or after selecting a transposing instrument, represents how much lower (in half-steps) the notes are played from what is written. This value changes the key signature automatically by the rules of standard notation. For example, in C major, a Bb clarinet staff with a transposition of -2 automatically is assigned a key of D Maj (2 half steps up from C Maj) to prevent any new accidentals from appearing on the notes.

    The ultimate roadblock you seem to be facing, however, is that SP does not support custom guitar tunings. The good news is that we are working on this feature as well as additional notations for TAB, so please keep up to date on our forums.

    We are mainly driven by customer feedback and appreciate your continued support.

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    Hello Phil!

    Thanks for the answer!

    Yes, I think the custom tuning is the problem and got me confused about the transposition.
    At the moment I found a workaround but it's not too convenient.

    Looking forward to the new features!

    Thanks a lot!
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