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Just two requests?

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When will you guys be adding pick-up measures and multi-measure rests?
The second one is especially important because when I print individual parts from a score, I end up printing so many extra pages due to the measures of rests. It's inconvenient for my chamber music ensembles, my poor bassoonist had 5 pages of music that could have been printed on 1! Also, in regards to the page dimension adjuster, no matter what I do there is sometimes the unfortunate effect that a page of music is split onto two pages, that is, rather than all of the bars filling up the page, the music only fills half the page so the bottom half is blank. Can you make this size adjusting easier somehow?
Again, this app is great, but it wastes a lot of paper and ink!
Have a wonderful evening.


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    edited December 2013
    To add/specify a pickup measure, the easiest way is to tap with two fingers on a bar, in this case the first bar, to open a contextual menu and edit its properties. Under the "Time/Key" tab, select "Pickup/Anacrusis" and enter the number of beats that are part of the pickup.

    We will take your remaining considerations in mind. We appreciate all of your feedback so far.

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    Oh! I've never noticed that before, thank you! Have a wonderful evening, guys!
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