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There's a small problem with exporting AAC? Plus others...

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When I send the AAC of a song, there are a few 'glitches', like the music skips ahead a second or so, and that's not good because I score short films and the result is the timing gets off, also it's unpleasant to listen to. How do I fix this?
Unrelated question that also bugs me but I keep forgetting to ask: why is the trombone out of tune? Like, grossly flat between B natural and C # in the bass staff? That is simply unacceptable! How is the computer sound out of tune?
This app has so far been incredible but lately I've only been using it out of necessity due to all the crashes and glitches I experience with the app that at times it becomes almost unusable! I don't mean to sound like those people that blow up on comment boards or whatever, but I paid like twenty-something dollars when this app first came out, and with each update it seems to get progressively worse and worse. I have an ipad 2, ios 6.1.3, and the app is version 3.0.
Thank you for your time and have a great evening.


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    edited December 2013
    You should update to the latest version (3.2.6). Numerous stability issues have been fixed, among various others. We will keep your playback issues in mind for the next update.

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    Ok, I've updated to the latest version of your app, but I haven't used it much yet so I don't know if it's still glitchy or not. But you didn't respond to my inquiry about the intonation (or lack thereof) on the trombone. Like I said, it's flat between a out B natural and C# in the bass staff. Why is this? It's nothing new, ever since I've had the app (before the logo change) but I've kept neglecting to ask until now. Thank you and have a wonderful evening.
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    The app is STILL glitchy and annoying, yes, your latest version and everything. Specifically, copying and pasting measures and also using articulation markings. I am not happy at all and getting very annoyed with this.
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    edited December 2013
    These are two specific bugs that we have already fixed for our next update. 
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