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Modify multiple note or group or mesure

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When I select a a group of notes or one mesure after why I can't see, the ▲/▼ or 8va/8vb toolbar icons above the selection box to transpose the notes by a semitone or an octave? I see only cut and copy

Tanks for your help

Patrick ( french excuse my english)


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    Hi Patrick,

    To transpose notes, you must tap and drag on the score. In the process, you will see a light blue selection box. This is different from the dark blue selection box you see with copy and paste. Copy and paste is initially activated by tapping and holding.

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    Thank you Phil,

    I includes well your answer, indeed it works by selecting a single note at the same time;
    But I would have wanted to make it with several notes at the same time or even a whole measure and I do not to make that

    Tanks for your réponse
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    It works for me, Lorimer. If you tap and drag, the box can be enlarged to include several notes or measures. When you lift your finger, the transpose toolbar will be visible.

    To get the cut/copy toolbar, you just tap and hold (do not drag)...and then lift your finger. A small section will be highlighted with two blue dots. Tap/hold on a dot and move it (drag it) to enlarge the selection box.

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    When I hold and drag till a group of notes turn blue it opens a two up or down arrows but no octave transpose, how can I transpose an octave? iPod 8.3.
    OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
    IOS 13.4 iPad Pro 4th gen.
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    Dragging the selection box itself vertically will allow you to transpose the most quickly. While doing so, a transposition indicator will appear above the the box, and a value of +/- 12 indicates that you've dragged the box an octave up or down.

    Pressing the Ok button on the lower-right will apply the change.
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    You can do this by dragging the selection box itself vertically. A transposition indicator will show above the selection box, and +/- 12 indicates that you have dragged the selection an octave up or down. Hitting the 'Ok' button on the lower-right corner will apply the change.
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