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pdf import / visual scan tool?

edited November 2013 in Support
I don't know if anyone has proposed this yet, my search turned up nothing for "pdf" but it would be super amazing to have an interpretive tool for scanning sheet music for editing and a pdf import tool for editing.

Could really be useful for several projects I'm involved in. Especially for things like notation of scores that I then read on the iPad in concert, so I could reset the typeset and format the page more frugally, then use the export function to read it on Documents Pro which has been a great tool for live performance.

Otherwise, this is absolutely the most awesome composition tool I've ever experienced in digital form. Haven't really scratched the surface, it seems, but using real time input has been easy, fixing things that didn't work out was super easy, adding chord changes, all super!! Keep up the good work, and thanks!


  • Hi jotabass,

    Thanks for your support. We used to have a basic feature for PDF importing, but we may reintroduce it down the road. For now, we hope you enjoy using our app and continue to find it useful.

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