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I can't download SymponyPro...:(

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i bought the ipad yesterday and i have downloaded some applications with Visa card.. the only application that i can't download is this!
I contacted to the Apple service center and they said i should contact with the developer of this app. means you! and i have already tried to re login and also
and only thing i could see on the downloading page was small blue square box like when we want to stop the music on the ipods .. hummmm!!
This is a used ipad but the problem that i have is not related to the mechanical things in my ipad... so that is why the service center told me to contact with the developer. They said that i have to connect this ipad to the computer and go the the App Store on it and download this app there and see how it works uhm.. i don't have a computer right now so i'm gonna try that when i get home... i just want to know that is there any way to slove this problem without computer? Please help me cause i really need this app because i'm composing majoring student and i think that this app is awesome!!


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    Hi CHJ,

    It looks like the download was incomplete or simply not installed properly for a number of reasons. Your best option is to delete the app and reinstall it via the App Store. You will not be charged again for this since the purchase is registered to your account. 

    Although this is an issue that is easy to resolve, please do your best to follow-up and let us know.

    Good wishes,

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