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Editing Scores

edited November -1 in Symphony Pro
We really need:
1. a better editing procedure which allows editing anywhere in the score rather than just deleting the last entries.
2. a facility for copying and pasting multiple bars.
3. a direct printing option.
4. more use of an external bluetooth keyboard (e.g. using function keys)


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    mikeor wrote:
    3. a direct printing option.

    Direct printing sounds like an excellent idea. We'll definitely try to get that in a future update.
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    You can insert notes between notes as well. In insert mode (pencil) with the piano closed, tap on hold over any measure to bring up a guide to help you place your notes. This guide will stay open until you lift your finger, so just move the guide to wherever you want to insert a note and release.

    If you want to insert several notes in between notes, you can also use the piano in insert mode.
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