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Couple of quick questions...

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What's the best way to add pickup notes at the beginning of a section? For example, I have a 1/8 note pickup note before the first bar of a 6/8 section. Not seeing in this in the docs but might not be looking in the right place. 

My other question, though maybe it's a bug, is I've added my name and a subtitle to the score that displays on my iPad, but when I email a PDF and print it from my home computer, those fields exports as "Composer" and "Subtitle". 

Lastly, will any of the export file versions open in Sibelius 7 First? 



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    Hi Romkey,

    To insert a measure, you have to designate it as a pickup measure. To do this, tap on the bar with two fingers and select the 'Time/Key' heading. You will see an option at the bottom titled "Pickup/Anacrusis".

    You can export to Sibelius and a variety of other software with MusicXML which is a standardized format. To help us diagnose and fix your title/composer issue, please attach the project file associated with it to this post if you can. This is the first bug report of its kind.

  • Dear Symphony,
          I selected the first bar by tapping with two fingers, selected the Time/Key heading, checked Pickup/Anacrusis, went back to the measure; and every thing I try. Symphony adds rests after the 1/8 note pickups.  
    Is there no way to create a 4/4 measure that will only play two 1/8 notes and not add rests to fill up the measure? ... Pickup/Anacrusis does not work!
    I'm trying to end a refrain  with three 1/4 notes and then, D.C. to the beginning of the piece and start again with two1/8 notes.
    Please help.

  • Bob,
    My workaround for your issue has been to define the first measure as the pickup/anacrusis but to also define it with the special time signature needed for the note values I need.  So, in your case, your special first measure would be a 1/4.  Symphony Pro does not automatically delete the rests, so you'll have to go in and do that manually. 

    Also, I think you'll have to define your last measure as a 3/4 if you want to play it as you described.  Otherwise the last measure will sound with a note of rest before resuming from the beginning.

    Hope it helps,
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