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Updates for iOS 7 (Released!)

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We have fixed several critical issues relating to iOS 7, as well as several outstanding bugs. The app will be submitted for review before the end of this week.

Fixes include, but are not limited to:

Critical Bugfixes for iOS 7

  1. The score was over-responsive to pan gestures for scrolling, causing unintended inputs.
  2. The status bar was visible and overlapped with a portion of the screen.
  3. The Bookshelf screen was unresponsive to changes in screen orientation.
  4. The "Tap to Set Tempo" button was not visible.
  5. The Measure Dialog did not resize correctly.
  6. The custom time signature text field in the Measure Dialog had non-visible text.
  7. Export menu was not visible.

Other bug fixes and adjustments

  1. Entering a tempo change caused a crash.
  2. Filenames and project names are always consistent to prevent unintended overwriting and confusion. Note: Project names now take on the filenames, if they happen to be different.
  3. Confirmation dialog is shown before attempting to overwrite a different, existing file after renaming a project.
  4. Fixed accuracy issues when dragging a note and using the precision crosshairs.



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    Please finish it fast so I can buy it.
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    thanks for making the update prompty for IOS7, however ever since I updated, I noticed a substantial lag when placing lyrics into the notes. 

    Is this behavior normal? I am keying in chinese fonts.
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    Hi Linus,

    What is the generation or model of your iPad(e.g. 2,3.4,mini)? We definitely have recognized a latency issue with Symphony Pro in models with a retina display (3,4) when using iOS 7, but not otherwise.

    This further detail will be greatly appreciated.

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     Application for iOS 7 is very nice, but tell me, please, where the application is
    a reprise?

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    Hi Aleksei,

    To add a repeat, you have to tap with two fingers on the bar you wish to create the symbol. From there, select the bars heading.

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