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Incomplete first measure

edited November -1 in Symphony Pro
Either it is not possible, or I don't know how to do it.

How do we insert an incomplete first measure with an eight note ?

The only way I found to do it so far is to include silences first, otherwise the rythm is not good.




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    Unfortunately we don't support this option yet. The only way around it at the moment is to set a custom time signature within the measure editor dialog for the first measure only. You'll have to do the math in order to figure what to make the time signature in order that it is completely filled by one eighth note.

    We'll probably fix this by having an option to make any measure(s) simply not have any time signature. Therefore you can add however many notes to that measure as you want. This option will also make it possible to compose chants. Let us know if there another way you'd like to see it implemented.
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    Why not include an Anacrusis option in the project settings? From there, you could set the number of beats in the first bar, which would be linked to the number of beats in the last bar by default. By editing the number of beats in the final bar, the link would be automatically severed.
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