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I didn't want to sign up for anything, but I am looking for support.

I used this app for a long time and it was great - did everything I wanted and I got familiar with it so it was quick to use. Then there was a major upgrade and now it looks nicer, but is completely different to use and totally dysfunctional.

When I open it and try to look at my files in list format, the right side of the screen flickers backward and forwards between lists and icons. When I try to find a file by the alphabet column it opens a file near where I touched rather than going to the files starting with that letter. When I try to enter notes it is completely capricious in what notes it allows me to enter. In some cases it will only enter a note a second away from what I am trying to enter or alter it to. I have wasted so much time with this, I am ready to dump the app. To be honest, it doesn't owe me a cent, because I used it a lot in the old version, but it is not worth a cent to me now.

How can I go back to the old version, prior to the interface change? I loved it - worked perfectly. Current version is worse than useless (wastes my time).



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    Are you using iPad first generation or iOS 5 or earlier? Symphony Pro 3 has slowly dropped compatibility for earlier versions of iOS. Please keep that in mind.

    If not, please let us know which version of SP you're using (tap the help menu) as well as your iOS version (iOS 6.x). Do keep in mind that the iOS 7 betas are not supported in SP 3.1.2.

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    Hi Phil
    iPad 2nd gen, iOS 6.1.3, SP 3.2.1.
    I find the tap to input notes terrible - it inputs the wrong note, even using the supposedly precise method, and then there is a conflict between altering the current note and entering the next one. The older version with the up down left right touch zones at bottom left worked much better - you could use those zones to alter the last note entered, and touch the staff to enter the next note. The most recent version doesn't know what you are trying to do - alter the last note or enter a new one.
    I have reverted to using my laptop and finale, which is less convenient when I am not sitting at a desk, but efficient, effective and quick.
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