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Really needing realtime notation capability, do you have a projected time for this? Also have you heard the ThumbJam app? The instrument samples are absolutely sick! I can't believe what they have done with that app for the price, and the reason I'm mentioning that is because I see Symphony Pro as a sophisticated app, but your samples don't do the hard work y'all have put into this program justice, and one of the major things you're missing is those sweet, slick, sick sounds from those guys, and I need your help to finnish my wish list, because you are the closest, your interface, with there sounds and Garage Bands guitar, along with REALTIME ENTRY and it's a rap.

P.S. Real Time Notation

Oh what the heck, let me do a real P.S.

P.S. At the risk of distracting you from the real time notation, a step tab tool feature for playback would be nice, maybe a record this session button. Thanks


  • We don't have a timeline for realtime entry at the moment, but it's a big priority for us. We're also have other features planned that will improve note entry speed such as the ability to enter notes via a midi keyboard (in realtime or otherwise).

    Could you explain what you mean by a step tab feature?

    P.S. We'll work more on improving our samples. One problem is just that when you have a lot of instruments, the samples have to be compressed in order to mitigate the big file sizes.
  • For the big file size of better quality samples, could you include the low-res samples with the program but allow in-program download of hi-res samples for those who want them? With 16, 32, or 64 GB on the iPad, are big sample files really a problem?
  • Yeah we'll figure out some reasonable solution.
  • Thanks! It's really great that you guys are being so responsive to our requests.
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    @Developer, a step tab tool works in an incremental entry and playback method, it doesn't matter if the note/notes or entered in a grid or staff method, when being read/played it only knows that it is supposed to play the note/notes in the sequence that they are entered within the pattern that they are placed on the grid or staff with a forward and backward button that will allow you to hear each note/notes that have been entered in, acting like sort of a scrub tool and quick audio reference to audition melodic, harmony, and rhythm ideas, that may otherwise be to difficult to play on the spot, eliminating you from having to know how to play certain parts of a piece in real time. If you end up bringing this feature please consider a finger pad to play out the rhythm, perhaps make that a split finger pad for the complexed rhythms.

    As far as the sound samples go, the app that i mentioned before (ThumbJam), again I have know idea how those guys pulled that off, the original program is 154MB and is packed full of beautiful sounds, but after the initial installation it does allow you to go in and download a lot of other instruments and how they do that at $7 I don't know, because they don't charge anymore for the ability to do that, when there is a whole lot of other crap apps out there that do, I can't tell you how much room the additional instrument sounds take up, but it fits fine on my iPhone and iPad at what I am sure is less that a gig, but I wouldn't care if it was 5 gigs. I'll tell you what, buy the app yourself, after you finish saying what the h_ll, give us the ability to have those instruments inside of your program, recharge me that $7 and I will just eat what I've already spent with them, and call it a wash.

    P.S. I'm with musicman_944, I'm sure you guys are busy enough without having to listen to our whiny wants, it's really appreciated when your thoughts are turned into application, or at least being responded to, the other developers in the app store that do that are the ones with longevity. Thanks
  • One of the other devs has already began work on real time notation.
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    Sounds awesome, get ready for us to Love y'all even more, I hope all of the music schools snatch you guys up.
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