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Metronome feature request

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I really love Symphony Pro, but I am a "newbie" pianist and I need to ear a metronome "click". At this moment I use a new third track with the "metronome click" sound and notes for every measure (ex: four "click" notes for every measure). Is it another better way to do this? In alternative I request a metronome feature in sync with the score.
Thank you!


  • I can't really speak for the administrator for SP but, my guess is they won't have a metronome until this app has a real time recording capability, at this point they don't, and with that there really isn't a reason to have a metronome because all of the notes/data is put in, in a step by step method
  • I think it's safe to say that other people also use SP to help them learn how to play new songs. I'll consider adding this feature as a setting somewhere down the line. The best option for now is to use the metronome click option on a separate track. This gives you the added flexibility of being able to subdivide each measure however you wish.

    Make sure you're using the "copy measure" feature within the measure editor dialog to quickly fill out the metronome track across the entire score.
  • Thank you very much Ross!
    I appreciate a lot your kind and useful answer.
    Kindest regards!

  • Hi,

    I'd like to add that we are indeed working on real time notation, and naturally, there will be a metronome feature to accompany it.

  • For the next update, please change the Metronome sound to a one that does not have reverb on it?
    A dry click sound is better to play to. The reverb gets in the way of hearing a solid click. Also every drum sound has way too much reverb on it. Also almost everything played in live gets notated with the rhythms wrong.
    I'm using version 2.2 :-)

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    Hi Bigpocket,

    I am personally going to handle your request about metronome reverb as well as the recording issues. On iPad 1, iOS 5 caused very significant performance problems, and that is what is hurting accurate rhythm detection. I plan to resolve this in version 2.4. For now, I recommend playing at a slower tempo to reduce latency effects.

    Thanks for all of your feedback so far.

  • Thank you Phil :-)

    Best regards
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