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MusicXML files missing <backup> elements for multi-voice sta

edited November -1 in Symphony Pro

When Symphony Pro exports to MusicXML music which has more than one voice on a staff, it generates output like:

<measure number="1">
<key> <fifths>0</fifths> <mode>major</mode> </key>

The original notation in Symphony Pro is that each C' on voice 2 hits at the same time as each E' on voice 1. The MusicXML, however, indicates that the C's on voice 2 hit after the E's on voice 1. (When you import this into Sibelius 6, that's what you get: two E's followed by two C's. The intent was an E and C at the same time followed by another E and C at the same time.)

Symphony Pro needs to generate a <backup> element before it generates the MusicXML for the voice 2 notes so that those notes land at the proper place in the measure. i.e., simultaneous with voice 1 rather than after voice 1. e.g., in this case,


gets us back to the start of the measure. The two C's then happen at the same time as the two E's which matches the original notation in Symphony Pro.


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    We released 1.2 on the 7th. Could you try updating and see if that fixes the problem? There's still some remaining issues with the MusicXML exporter, but we're putting a lot of work into clearing those up by the next update.
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    This case now works. Thanks.
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