I would like to publish my compositions, where do I start?

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Since several years, I compose piano pieces for my students. Enjoyable and educational. I tried to get my work published, but found no on request because the publisher had already a sufficient amount of piano literature. Can you give my advise? Do you have experience in getting your work published? What are the difficulties you might face? I am looking forward to your responds. 


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    Hi CarinedeWinter, 

    We are not experts in the area of music publishing, but we know it's a tough ordeal to get past publishing companies.

    Our main advice is to make a portion of your works downloadable for free and gain some recognition. Several ways to do this are:

    Musescore online sheet music: Using the Musescore notation software, import from XML and export your score from this application to this online service. Automatically includes audio accompaniment. Rich collection of original scores and transcriptions.
    • Create a personal website with links to sheet music and audio
    • Export your music and audio recording to Youtube using Noteflight, which is a free online notation service.

    SP Team
  • Thank you SP Team! You are so helpful. 
    Carine de Winter
  • You're more than welcome, let us know if you have any other questions!

    SP Team
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