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Symphony Pro 2.4 Preview

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Last updated on 4/11/12

New Features:

  • Copy and paste using rectangle
  • Expandable crescendos and diminuendos
  • User defined beam groups
  • User defined stems
  • More efficient, cleaner spacing of tracks 
  • Added non-pitched neutral clef
  • Reposition rests vertically
  • Added note stem direction support to MusicXML import and export
  • Enable/Disable background music
  • Hold down any of the arrow keys to press it repeatedly
  • Playback MP3, AAC, and other audio files from inside the app


  • Provides better iOS 5.1 support
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exporting to audio and then pressing play
  • Fixed crashing that could occur when flipping pages
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash while saving
  • Fixed bug where export to Photos and PDF could make the app unresponsive
  • Fixed bug where MIDI import would only show empty measures
  • Fixed bug that corrupts files when crashing and creating a new song
  • Fixed bug where undoing while inserting notes with piano cursor would always return to Track 1
  • Fixed cases where exported audio could be scrambled/sped up
  • Fixed cases when piano input doesn't work
  • Background music no longer pauses when you open the app
  • Full measures now have the same width as empty measures
  • Unsaved changes warning when creating or opening a new song has been removed
  • Minor improvement to score rendering
  • Improved audio engine stability
  • Improved memory management
  • Improved spacing and numbers of row per page
  • Improved note-stem alignments across voices
  • Improved slur positioning
  • Updated the manual


  • edited April 2012
    Nice work, but no improvements to lyric spacing?
  • Import PDF files ?
  • You definitely need to add Guitar TAB, you also need these features
    - Up to 10 strings
    - PowerTab Import
    - Guitar Pro Import
    - MusicXML ver 3 import; including
      - Bends
      - Slides
      - Whammy Bar
      - Harmonics
      - Artifical Harmonics
      - Hammer ons
      - Pull offs
      - Tapping
      - Pick Strokes
      - Left Hand & Right Hand Fingering

  • I agree. Tabs is the single most important feature. It would also be nice to be able to input notes on a fretboard (guitar and/or bass) instead of the (piano) keyboard.
  • still DYING for Jazz Font for lead sheet creation!!  any updates on when it might be coming??
    this will give Symphony Pro the title of Ultimate Portable Lead Sheet Creator :)

  • This may have been asked before and may be an easily answered question. Since there's no way yet of changing the fonts for a part in Symphony, can I save it and open it up in finale or sibelius to adjust the fonts? Also, is there any reformatting that would need to be done?
  • You can export the file as XML, and open that in Finale. I don't use Sibelius, so I don't know.

    In fact, that's the only way I can use SymphonyPro, because most of my work is with vocals, and SP is sadly lacking in that aspect. So I enter notes on the iPad, and transfer them back to F for lyrics and layout tweaks.
  • I can confirm what @Mikey has suggested. You can export MusicXML from Symphony Pro and open it in Sibelius and change the fonts from there. Do note that chord symbols and lyrics will transfer over fine with XML but text added with the text tool will not be preserved.
  • Thanks for the helpful info Mikey & Dthpham! So, you can enter lyrics in SP but when you save it as a MusicXML file the lyrics won't save with it? Is that only in Sibelius or is that also in Finale? I also noticed that spacing seemed to be a bit extreme on some of chord symbols. Is that fixable?
  • Lyrics are no problem with XML, only with SymphonyPro. The spacing is very poor, and hyphens and word extensions don't work. That's why I only do the notes in SP, and go to Finale for the lyrics.
  • Where si the app? Please Give me a Message
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