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Feature Requests (Updated Thread)

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In this thread, you're encouraged to share your thoughts openly on specific features you'd like to see in upcoming versions of our software. Please write as much or as little as you'd like. As you do so, please keep the following considerations and resources in mind:

• If there's a specific feature you're looking for, but unsure if it's in the current app, the online manual link may be useful for finding a particular task or section that's relevant:


• The new Symphony Pro 3 Video Mini-tutorial also goes over several of the key features:




  • Metronome on only during recording.
    OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
    IOS 13.4 iPad Pro 4th gen.
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    @spirius Incredible thanks for your feedback. Most of what you listed are top-priority features that will become available soon, but a few others are new, great suggestions. We would like to return to you via email or forums within the next few weeks, and would love to have a discussion.

    You're welcome. I'm really happy to help you and think that this software can be the most convenient and most efficient software.
    I also sent you an error report with my personal email. I hope that these concerns will be resolved.
    And if I can be a beta-tester and participated of the evolution of Symphony Pro, I will be happy.

    Frédéric Modine - www.fredericmodine.com / [email protected]
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    @spirius We're glad you're interested in the beta, and sent you an invitation to join earlier today. We hope you look forward to it, continue providing wonderful feedback, and enjoy the improvements that it has to offer. In the bigger picture, our continued discussion will definitely prove valuable for development.

  • Midi out
    All notes for Timpani

    Thanks !
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    Look forward to both in the next update!
  • Hi All.
    With drummers in mind, may I suggest the ability to move the accents from their default position above or below the note head. To do 16th hi hat notes with accents, the accent should be positioned above the note stem to leave room for the snare drum part.
  • Audiobus compatible ?
    Inter-App Audio ?
  • @jerome49 You can look forward to both!

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    Some sort of shorthand notation input, like TouchNotation, would be nice. Another thing is that it needs to be easier to set the point of recording. And it would help if deleting a note inserted a rest with the same value.
  • While we're not going to support handwriting-based input in the next release, contextual menus will be an incredibly important part of making finger or stylus based input easier and more reliable in SP 4. Stay tuned!
  • Instruments remain the same for the next version? As they are currently good <3 !
  • I would love to see A Virtual Drumline for the next update!! That'll make this app even more awesome!!!!!! C:
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    1 - reopen a score with the pencil/select icon the way I closed the score with. Or open a score with default the select icon instead of the pencil icon.
    2 - if a song is protected, disable all editing.
  • Full screen mode for playback would be nice.
  • Add the marcato symbol. This is frequently used in big band scores.
  • I can't find multi measure rests. Now I enter 8 measures with a full rest which takes up a lot of space.
    Nr of repeats. The option of first and second ending is too limited. I'd like to be able to have the first ending for instance 3 tiems end then the 4th repeat the second ending, or just repeat something a number of times identically.
  • I really would like ukulele staves as an option. It's what I bought the program for and its not there.
  • If there was a way to connect multiple layers. For example I was writing some drum charts for my student and I had three voices one for the HH one for the snare and one for the kick. I encountered a visual problem when I started writing 8th notes for the kick. The stems wouldn't connect with the high hat stems. So i ended rewriting everything in one voice. Also when I would play back the audio there's a minor lag when two notes would be played at the same time. This was a little frustrating because I like to give my students an audio recording to take with them so they can listen to it if they need to.
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    I was thinking either a table of the options with each expandable button instead of the horizontal menu or making it vertical instead. The problem I have is, having tapped on whichever button, as I slide across, I often activate the expandable button beside it. This means I have to consciously move straight up then across instead of being able to tap and slide diagonally to the required option. Or just make all other buttons inactive so they are not triggered (although then you cannot slide across to the correct initial button if you are slightly off to one side and hit the wrong one). With a table, it could be for the bigger menus, perhaps 2 columns so it does not take up much space vertically and is quicker to select.
    But I presume you did the horizontal thing for other reasons.
    referring to v4

  • Dots, mostly I do not follow a dotted note with another, so a setting (on or off) to automatically cancel a dot after it has been used would be quicker. Or a double tap to lock it down, or single tap to activate it just the once.
    Or perhaps I'm the only one finding this annoying

  • Right on hihat! Ties are already automatically unselected after use and it would be great if the same applied to dots.

  • Dear Xenon Labs, LLC,
     I use and love Symphony Pro 4, and would love to see Audiobus support added to it. Audiobus (https://audiob.us) provides a free and easy to integrate SDK for developers, and allows participating apps to send live audio to each other. I think Symphony Pro 4 could really benefit from being a part of the Audiobus community. Now I'm learning piano, and using Igrand piano as an input sound. I really hope you can consider my idea.
    Many thanks.
  • How does one add a trill above a note?
  • It would be fantastic you add Adonit Jot Script 2 stylus support: https://github.com/Adonit/Adonit-iOS-SDK

    thanks alot!
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    Breathing symbol .
    I want a sign that the breath .
    Because, I'm creating a musical score for the chorus .
  • I would like to have a way of locking a document so that you can't accidentally modify it. The lock should also retain instrumentation and playback keys that were in the original document. Any changes you try to make should bring up a dialog box saying document is locked, would you like to open a copy of the document for modifications. Symphony would then open a new document exactly like the locked document with a title that says "Copy of 'song title'" or something similar. Put a small locked icon on documents that you have locked to remind you of its status when you are deciding which project to open.

    I would also like new documents to be saved in an unfiled category by default and when completed it can be moved to a folder that the user has created. Once moved to a specific folder the unfiled category no longer shows this document. This allows me to easily find documents that are new works in progress. When I see the All Projects category that is currently the default, it has completed and uncompleted projects in it, new projects and old projects, and when I'm working on several things at once It can be very crowded. I still would retain the All Projects category but not as the default for creating and editing new projects. The alphabetized index option currently available in All Projects is a great.

  • I agree:"All Projects category that is currently the default, it has completed and uncompleted projects in it, new projects and old projects, and when I'm working on several things at once It can be very crowded. I still would retain the All Projects category but not as the default for creating and editing new projects. The alphabetized index option currently available in All Projects is a great."
    OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
    IOS 13.4 iPad Pro 4th gen.
  • It would be great to support movements within a piece. Also to allow new counting of measures for each movement in a piece.
  • I agree that the folder management needs some work (I made mention of it in another thread).

    I'd also like to suggest that now that the library of instruments has become quite impressive, that you alphabetize each list (keyboards, guitars, strings, woodwinds).  You may also consider renaming some instruments so it will list in like groups.  For example, rename 'Alto Sax' to 'Sax, Alto' so that this instrument appears near the other Sax instruments.  .
  • I've been having some issues with exporting in standard quality (PDF) as my iOS device currently does not have the memory to export documents at the highest resolution. I'm mainly exporting documents so that I can print them.

    With that in mind, I think a good workaround for this problem would be adding the option of exporting certain sections of a document (i.e. pages) without running the risk of the app having to downgrade the quality of the document as a whole. If this was possible I could export my document one section at a time and print them individually, effectively bypassing the memory issue.

    For those who are concerned about keeping the integrity of an exported document and saving it digitally, there are plenty of 3rd party programs out there that can merge individual PDF files into one whole document. 
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