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Files can not be closed ! [Workaround: turn off Bluetooth. Update released, more feedback needed]

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Hi, I can’t close my opened files, the menu that shows ( close , save as , duplicate, revert to original …) appears for a second then disappears. 

I am using 6.3.3 version and ios15 .


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    Sorry to hear that. There was a similar issue by another user. They later followed up that disconnecting the Smart Keyboard solved their issue of disappearing UI elements. Until we issue an update asap that fixes iOS 15 (almost there) bugs like the one you're having, we therefore suggest:
    - Disconnecting the Smart Keyboard temporarily to see if this works around the bug.
    - This issue extends to other peripherals that may be communicating with your iPadOS (or iOS) device. Therefore, we also suggest disconnecting those other peripherals completely but only temporarily. This can be any Bluetooth devices and USB enabled devices like 3rd party USB keyboards, or a mouse interface.
    - If the above doesn't work, please let us know if disabling Bluetooth temporarily, via the instructions here, under the section "Turn Off WiFi and Bluetooth", might work around it. 

    This and other compatibility issues with iOS 15 are top priority. Please let us know if any of the above tips might have been helpful; or if anything else you tried got this dialog to appear properly. 
  • I had the same problem; the solution proposed above (disconnect iPad from smart keyboard) worked.  I did not need to disconnect any other bluetooth devices.
  • I am still having the same problem. I have switched off bluetooth, disconnected every possible device, restarted symphony pro, then the iPad. Nothing helps. I cannot leave the file to go back to my library. It is a terrible experience to see the door closed to all my other sheets. Dear support-team, could someone help me, please? Thank you!
  • This worked for me before i discovered the keyboard thing, Quick and dirty but annoying fix where (hopefully you won’t lose work): close the app, go to settings, select Symphony pro app, select “reset cache and application settings”. This will get you back to the projects menu.  You’ll have to do it every time you want to close out of a project.  So far I haven’t lost any work doing this repeatedly, and the changes appear to have been saved.  You will have to go through every pop-up hint again, and the Apple Pencil extension will have to be restored every time again if you bought that, but it will restore.  Bass-ackwards way around it, but it worked until I removed my Logitech keyboard that works off the smart connector on the back of the iPad.  If you have one of those, it’ll have to be folded back (not active) in order to close out of the projects like normal.  Developers: please please fix these issues!!!!  Extremely annoying…
  • NOTE: it will get you back to the projects menu when you open the app again.  It says in settings that changes will be effected next time you start up the app, not just go back to an already open tab.
  • So what’s the point of the projects menu then?  It used to stay open so I can make a selection.  Can’t make a selection now.  Also, can save and open another song as a result. 
  • I’m wondering if the problem is happening with the newer iOS updates.  I have a new iPad 9th generation purchased December of 2021.
  • I'm experiencing the same issue. M1 iPad Pro, iOS 15 I've emailed support twice. No response yet

  • Just had it happen on 2nd gen Ipad Pro, latest IOS. As Mahler5 says above but make sure you remove SP6 from the App bar before restarting. Works fine now.
  • Issue is still there, you have to reset every time and open projects from files or you get the last one you worked on. This is a shame because when you look at the features that are missing from other expensive apps, SP is really the best. Hope it gets fixed soon
  • haxxy said:
    I had the same problem; the solution proposed above (disconnect iPad from smart keyboard) worked.  I did not need to disconnect any other bluetooth devices.

  • This problem still exists. For me it’s when I have a Bluetooth pedal attached. I have to turn off Bluetooth to be able to access the project menu. Then reconnect everything. It’s a pain but it works. Maybe related to the new iOS update. 
  • I am having this issue occasionally.
    turning off Bluetooth appears to resolves it.
    (iPad pro.  iOS 15.5

  • Same Issue in soon to be 2024. Turning off BT works… but inconvenient. Please fix
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    We will do our best to provide regular support updates this year, mainly in response to serious issues that arise, because reliability remains the top priority and main focus. And so we apologize for not addressing this sooner. Thanks @JP0649, @linksong, and @Adriano for confirming that turning off Bluetooth works around this issue.
  • Thank you for your support update.!! The new update resolved my issue.
  • @Jimmy_Gahl
    Glad to hear it! We'll continue to emphasize reliability as the top priority. However, if there's anything we can do to make SP more helpful, please let us know.
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