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  • Anya, thanks for your reaction. I think I understand why you found no problems using the crescendo with the latest and the beta version.  First of all, I presume you always have used the default setting for the amount of crescendo and therefore …
  • Found the solution!  After highlighting and opening the edit-menu of the crescendo/decrescendo symbol, select the Playback option and increase the crescendo/decrescendo amount. The default value is set so low that it takes a very long time t…
  • Anya, which version do you use and which instrument did you select during playback?
  • Please note : same result testing with the 'Etude in A♭Major' example score...
  • I installed beta version 5 and tested the crescendo function. I am sad to say that it still does not work. Are you sure that the bug has already been resolved in the beta 5 version? Please let me know. Thanks, Hans
  • And to add to my last post, and despite the annoyance of this bug, I want to say that Symphony Pro is a great app!
  • SP Team, thanks for your prompt support on this issue! I have registered for the version 5 preview and waiting for your email with the invitation link. After installation and testing I will inform you if the crescendo bug is resolved. I must say …