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  • Hans, I have both the latest released as well as the beta, but I have observed the crescendo on the latest released without any additional setting changes when the instrument is the flute. Having said that, however,  I do think the playback is notic…
  • The crescendo has worked for me...,
  • I think you just select the bar and then tap the play button.  I've done this a lot by accident when I've wanted to hear the whole piece but suddenly just the one measure plays over and over.. :-)
  • Bob, My workaround for your issue has been to define the first measure as the pickup/anacrusis but to also define it with the special time signature needed for the note values I need.  So, in your case, your special first measure would be a 1/4.  Sy…
  • Redwave said: My workaround for issue 3 is to select Voice Settings and turn off Highlight Voice. Belated thanks.  Excellent suggestion.
  • Is there a reason why crossing up (or down) can only be done with an 1/8th note?  It's a bit cumbersome to rewrite a note to 1/8, perform the cross up, then again rewrite the note to the original value instead of just being able to select the note, …
  • I agree that the folder management needs some work (I made mention of it in another thread). I'd also like to suggest that now that the library of instruments has become quite impressive, that you alphabetize each list (keyboards, guitars, strings…
  • Ok, more on this.... I just ran into the problem again of a note not being able to have the Cross Up customization selected for it.  I checked other surrounding notes and many WERE able to have this customization feature applied. I noticed that the …
  • Hello again... I was wondering if you have put out the update yet that will allow works to be renamed?  I just began a new score but am still unable to rename it.  Thanks.
  • Hey, now that's a super slick feature. I like it much better than navigating via the buttons. But I missed rit. because it was behind another symbol I didn't expect it to be, whereas before, it was a standalone in the menu.  On an unrelated topic (…
  • Never mind... Just found it, right next to the mayonnaise. 
  • Thanks. On the topic of indexing and organizing works, I really like that we have the ability to create new folders now.  However, there are a few quirky things with this.   For example, the new update came with some additional works in a new folde…
    in Composer? Comment by Anya November 2015
  • Hi Phil, Thank you for the detailed and helpful reply.  Just a couple of comments... 1. It was the Cross up/Cross Down feature that became available after purchase.  I had a friend here with me when we were working on it...we did not imagine it. :-)…
  • Thank you for considering it.
  • I'll add that I am using an iPad 2, and the latest IOS. 
  • ^ if this was Facebook I'd click 'Like' on that post. I really love this program that has made writing quality music accessible to me for a very nominal fee. Keep up the good work!
    in Update Comment by Anya May 2015
  • Excellent, thanks! I'll give it a whirl.
  • Aah! I must have stumbled across this by accident when I did it previously. Thank you!
  • Oops, here's the pic:
  • Yes, but then I lose the offset, and the notes end up being stacked. I've attached a picture so hopefully it will be clearer what I mean. In measure 52 and 54, the D6 note is played as an accompaniment on the bells (the tied dotted half notes), b…
  • ok, thanks!
  • I'd like to know this since I haven't encountered it yet. Can you elaborate what you figured out?
  • Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for. I only saw the 'delete' option under 'Edit' but do see the handles now that you've pointed it out. Thanks again.
  • Thanks for the response... It's not quite what I was doing, but something you said sparked my curiosity to see what would happen if I selected the rest on beat 1 as the start for the continuing beam, and that seemed to do the trick. Here's the pict…
  • Thanks marcvg, I didn't know about that shortcut!
    in Add measures Comment by Anya April 2015
  • Hi Rob. I'm aware of two ways to add new measures. 1. Tap the whole note in the very top left corner to release the side-bar of other menus. Tap on and choose the 'rit.' menu. 2. Now the left side bar changes. The top symbol on the left side bar…
    in Add measures Comment by Anya March 2015
  • Thanks. I look forward to the next release. Sounds like a lot of good things coming our way. About Symphony fir iPhone, do you have an information blurb for that? Do the works automatically synchronize across the two devices (iPhone and iPad)? …
  • Unfortunately, they are not chord symbols or lyrics. I'll continue as is for now and hope you figure it out for the next update. Thanks for responding.