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  • That would be great thanks as I rely a lot on hiding tracks. I'm not sure who would want the new auto-unhide behavior but you must have your reasons. BTW: I notice MuseScore provides an option to "hide empty staves" which would also be very helpful …
  • BTW: I noticed a problem where if I print or export PDF to another app while editing a score, the Highlight Voice setting somehow gets turned back on. The workaround is to save the score and then print or export from the app home page.
  • Can we please be allowed to enter the underscore character in lyrics? Currently this character just acts like a space and causes an unwanted word break which goes to the next note. I'd like to be able to use underscore to visually separate multiple …
  • Can we please have a "To Coda" expression? I don't understand how anyone can use "D.S. al Coda" or "D.C. al Coda" without this.
  • My workaround for issue 3 is to select Voice Settings and turn off Highlight Voice.
  • Any news on bug fix release 4.1.11 which was promised within a week on January 6, and also in another thread on February 16? "At the very least, you can look forward to a major update in the following week, which will address both issues you've me…
    in tie bug Comment by Redwave April 2016
  • I am also unable to AirPrint any scores in Symphony Pro 4.1.7 on my iPad 3, even when no other apps are running. It always gets stuck on page 1 of the score with a spinning cursor. I am able to export PDFs to other apps and email: in those cases it …
  • Thanks, this alternative way of renaming scores works!
    in tie bug Comment by Redwave January 2016
  • Yes, Anya, I miss that feature too, particularly as I originally suggested it in this forum!
  • Right on hihat! Ties are already automatically unselected after use and it would be great if the same applied to dots.
  • I agree with your UI problem analysis: "The main issues are these, in order, most frustrating first: (1) Correcting misconfigured notes (eg if length or sharpness is wrong) (2) Correcting horizontally misplaced notes (eg note didn't align with cho…
  • Like you, I almost always use select+cut instead of delete mode. Since I continually switch between insert and select modes, a single-tap toggle would greatly speed up my workflow.
  • I strongly agree that Symphony Pro needs to make it easier to switch between notes and rests. I proposed a similar approach in which the user could choose the number of columns in the toolbar, where notes are in the first column and rests are in the…
  • I haven't tried this myself, but you can import and export MusicXML format in both MuseScore and Symphony Pro.
  • Congratulations on another great update! When I'm entering music in Symphony Pro, the biggest source of frustration and delay is having to continually hit the expandable buttons in the left-hand-side toolbar to find hidden options such as rests, fla…
  • I second that emotion. It would also be nice if project icons displayed the composer name in small font.
  • Great, thanks for the prompt response and workaround!
  • Thank you for this update. This first thing I notice is that it has stopped reducing the space to the next note when I enter a chord symbol, which was the biggest obstacle to producing readable scores that I encountered in previous versions of Symph…
  • Hi, Just bought Symphony Pro 3.0 for my 32GB iPad 3 running iOS 6.1.3. I entered the first 30 bars of a song with lyrics in the default full-screen input mode. Then I switched to continuous input mode and all the lyrics immediately disappeared (note…