changing size of individual parts

Is there a way to change the size of individual parts?  When I exported as a .pdf document, I have one full page and on the second page, there is one measure.  Is there a way to change the size so that the entire part is on one page?  I've got to Display settings, but it only alters the size of the score and not the individual parts.


  • edited November 12
    - Since WSIWYG editing is involved, the recommended way to ensure the above condition, is to first set the part(s) in question visible from the Instruments Menu (as illustrated below). This will set all other parts invisible:

    - Under the Score Menu > Display Settings > Scale/Size, modifying the staff size will be context sensitive in regard to the part configuration (if any) that was applied in the previous step:

    - It currently isn't possible to change instrument staff sizes part-way through the score, but a feature-set that encompasses this will be kept in consideration, if it reflects the solution you were looking for instead.  
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