Drum notation

Just purchased. I have to say I like Symphony more than most, note input seems easy and nice and intuitive.

I'm using it almost exclusively for drum notation and I've a couple of comments:

* Snare seems to be on B. I'm more used to seeing it on C.

* I'm hearing what appears to be a ride on high G. I'm more used to seeing it on high F with the closed hi-hat on G

* There doesn't appear to be any way to change notehead shape, so there's no facility for open/closed hi hat or pedalled hi-hat.

* Grace notes, ghost notes and accents are very important when playing drums. I don't see anything for these.

* I can't see a way to annotated drags and rolls. (diagonal across stem)

Here are some links that might help:


I really do like this app and for now, at least, I can use it for simple notation. There are very few, if any, apps - ipad or PC - that do drum notation well but simply. If you can crack this you'd have at least one big fan. :0)


  • We've fixed the drum notation to match sibelius's drum legend.

    We'll definitely add the ability to change note heads in one of the next updates. Grace notes are also coming soon, so those can be used as flams. As for drags and rolls, they'll probably come a little later.
  • hi, thanks for the great app!

    I would like to know is there any plans for adding the "Ghost Note"?   And also a a squre notehead which is appears in some Cajon Score.

    Many thanks.
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