Recording tool question.

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This is my first post on the forums.So here's the question.I just discovered this app and I was wondering if my brother can play his piano and the app write down the notes so he later can put the music on his computer.He loves writing music on the piano but its tiring writing all the notes into paper and then on the Sibelius 7 on PC.I am thinking of buying this app as a gift to him because his birthday is coming in some days.If he can't input notes in real time then i'lll have to search for a different app.In the features it says I can put music with midi keyboard or virtual keyboard.Doesnt say anything about normal pianos..
Please help.


  • I don't think it's possible to record via microphone and that the app transcribe. I haven't noticed that feature anyway. Sorry for my bad English. Grtz.
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    @MausB: You are correct. There are hardware components that allow pianos to double as midi controllers, but no audio to midi is not supported in SP. The best alternative is a MIDI controller.

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